The platform behind every sale

Take control of your sales and collaborate efficiently with internal and external sales teams. Manage all your sales channels scalably from one platform.
Discover how Salesdock works


For sales organisations

Make it easy for your sellers
Work from one platform for more clients
Set up your processes the way you want
Save time by linking systems together
Build customer relationships and make cross- and upselling easy
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Grip & control

For suppliers

Manage all your sales channels in one platform
Collaborate efficiently with internal and external teams
Easily add and change products/services
Proposals and contracts automatically in your corporate identity
Compliance is always in order
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Easily scale up, broaden or focus? With Salesdock this is possible without compromising on quality.

Solar panels

Immediately carry out a roof check, send a quote and forward inspection data to installers. Sustainable in all areas.

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The complex energy world simplified in one solution where supplier, seller and end customer are connected.

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Collect and approach leads for LED lighting, charging stations and more, from one central platform. Just the way you want it.

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Gain insight into your leads and make it easy for recruiters and donors to officially confirm the donation or membership.

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SIM only, hosted voice, internet, calling and TV. A suitable solution and quotation for everyone, sent and signed with one click.

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Your specific market?

Do you want to scale up your sales process and generate more volume? Or insight into all your collaborations? Do the check for your market now.

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All your channels from one platform

Whether you work at the door, on the telephone, by appointment, in the store or online: with Salesdock you bring all channels together in the same tool.

Always insight

Check real-time sales results, lead conversion and other statistics from your internal and external sales teams. This way you always have control over your success.

The seller is central

Salesdock was created to make it easy for the seller. That is why everything is designed to intuitively convert every contact into a successful deal and everything is processed automatically.


Connect Salesdock to your world

Every organization has its own sales processes and uses different systems for this. With Salesdock you connect these systems so that you can work efficiently from one central platform.

Customer Cases

That's how they work

“Outbound sales are going great again. We are currently 2 times above what Essent did. It was our best month ever.”
Stanny van Goethem, Luminus
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“With Salesdock, we are taking important steps to make sustainability accessible to everyone.”
Wijnand Wieles, Manager marketing & sales
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“I can now customize and monitor everything myself with 'al la minute' insights. Thanks to the api's, Salesdock works across boarders.”
Andy de Bondt, Onafhankelijk Adviesplatform
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“Thanks to this unified working method, we connect with sales partners and providers of solar panels and charging stations very easily.”
Dennis Huizer, Manager Business Development NieuweStroom
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“It is easier for advisers to offer different propositions and products. As a result, our customers benefit from the right advice and offers to create sustainability and savings.”
Martijn Hoogeveen
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